This is an addition to my tutorial about customizing Bento Themes. I don’t know anymore why I didn’t play with this extensively before… the wonderful tip comes from Jakob Joergensen: he calls himself a professional Bento user, and he is a globetrotter of Danish descent.

Yes, you can hide the field labels on a form for a printout, but you are NOT gaining back the space they are taking up. By editing the LabelFont in the pList file of a theme you can set the FontSize to ’1′ and when you choose the smallest label size on a form in Bento, the field labels disappear and you regain the space they took up! That gives you the chance to create beautiful, tighter form layouts without the distraction of field labels onscreen AND for a printout. I remember that many users were asking for this functionality. By changing back to a regular theme, you can get the labels back anytime.

Finally, you can also use this edit to make the field labels larger and change the font face! You have to play with this: I found that font variants do not seem to work in this case, and some two-word fonts won’t either. For example, Lucida Handwriting did not work, but Colonna MT did.

Note: to learn the details of editing themes (how to get to the plist file mainly), you will have to revisit my original tutorial at:
Customizing Themes in Bento

Have fun!


2 Responses to “Totally Remove Field Labels!”

  1. Curtis LeMay on July 17th, 2013 4:50 pm

    I need to know how to delete a field or change the basic characteristics. I have a field that I need to change from a number field to a text field. I either need to delete it and start over or change it. There seems to be no way to do either. I find the lack of “save” and “delete” options a bit weird.

  2. Florian on July 17th, 2013 7:50 pm

    first of all, I am assuming you talk about Bento 4 for the Mac. Just right-click a field on a form next to its name: a menu appears; go down to ‘change to…’ and there you can change a text field into a number field.
    Tell me if you need more help.