Goals of the Site

Bento™ is a personal database application which was created by FileMaker, Inc. Preview versions were made available in mid-November 2007 with the official release of 1.0 being on January 8 2008.

The BentoUsers web site was created in March 2008 with three main aims:

  • To provide an easy to use reference library of frequently asked questions and their answers.
  • To provide tutorials and guides for getting the most out of Bento, using both the more basic features and exploring some of the more complex and advanced capabilities.
  • To show people how capable and flexible Bento can be and to provide some inspiration for users whilst ensuring that people are aware of the limitations and that Bento is not the solution for everything.

About the Authors

BentoUsers was set up by Simon Wolf shortly after he discovered Bento. Having been a part of the fantastic community of users over in the official Bento forums he decided that there may be some use for a reference site for Bento and BentoUsers was born.

Sadly. at the start of 2009 other projects were demanding more and more of Simon’s time and, rather than close the site down, a new owner was found to take over: Florian Keller. Florian uses Bento for all his database needs and loves to play with it to get his templates just right. He also studied most of it’s features in-depth. He is a “trusted contributor” in the Bento forums.

The End
In 2013 FileMaker, Inc. announced that Bento was being discontinued and, as a result, the decision was made to archive the BentoUsers site. We would like to thank all of the people who have visited over the years and we hope we have been of use.

Please note that we are extremely unlikely to respond to any emails now that the site has been mothballed.

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