This is my final post on this site and I will not even open it up for comments. It has been fun as long as it lasted, and I am thankful for all the good people who were seeking help and who appreciated my efforts. A final thanks also goes to Simon Wolf, who started this whole endeavor.

Bento has shortcomings which could have been fixed. But the developer team had set limits because of the big rival in their own family, which shall remain nameless. Without that limitation, Bento would have become the greatest Mac database ever. This way it didn’t.
That said, Bento has many unique features I can’t live without. Luckily, it works alright with OSX Mavericks. Still, I am creating many PDFs of my Libraries should Bento ever totally fail. This is also my very last tip for Bento users: with PDFs edited in Preview, you can combine many Bento forms to a wonderful full screen booklet of your databases, after fiddling a little bit with the layout in Bento and the print dialog.

So far, none of the so-called Bento alternatives have come close to replacing Bento, and I am predicting that they never will. For example, a Bento importer will never work for complex Libraries because of the built-in limitations of the other programs. You would have to build a Bento clone-app to make that work, which is impossible.

Still, some of the other database programs, which have recently surfaced, are worth a look if you are willing to abandon Bento altogether and start your projects from scratch. I am not. But I am using some of the other program’s iPad versions for simple projects; just for some variety. Most programs let you try them out before you buy, like Bento did. Just make sure you really give them a workout.

This site will possibly be archived; you can still contact me for questions about Bento (no syncing questions) by leaving me a message on my Facebook Musicians Page (after you Like it, of course…) at:
The Entertaining Salzburger. That’s the real me. Ta-Ta.

Didn’t take long. One of those crazy crashes I actually had before:

I was working in iPhoto, moving some pictures around and all of a sudden the Bento icon in the dock is jumping!

How can Bento crash while it’s running only in the background???

Bill reported:

“I opened Bento 3 today to find it crashes after typing my password. I did this three times. Restarted my PowerBook Pro twice. On the 4th try, it worked and asked me if I wanted to back up my data. I am also using Snow Leopard.”

Comment: crashes like this seem random – why does it work the 4th time? Bento 2 was much more stable. No crash reports to speak of.

Addition (Nov. 25): I had another crash today myself: I simply edited a text field (adding a few words) while it happened. I restarted Bento and reverted to a back-up of my database. First a strange thing happened: when I tried to edit the same text field, the new entry disappeared when I tabbed out of the field! The same thing happened several time, and then Bento crashed again.
Now I restarted Bento and duplicated the record in question, then deleted the original one. Now the edit worked fine. So somehow, that single text field was corrupted! Very, very strange and disconcerting!

(Nov. 28): This is maybe the craziest Bento crash: my active application was iPhoto. When I woke up my Mac, the Bento icon in the dock was jumping: Bento 3 had crashed while it was idling in the background!

Bento 3 Crash Report: 10-12-09

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I would call this newest crash I experienced one of the random variety.

I was simply trying to re-size a jpg picture in a media field when Bento 3 crashed. The database file didn’t seem to be affected – it worked fine after re-start.

I will still report every single crash – because these frequent crashes did not occur in my copy of Bento 2.

I have no choice – I just created a new category: Bento 3 Crashes! I still can’t believe how unstable the app is. So please comment in detail on the crashes of Bento 3 and I will create a new post for every crash reported.

Today I was using my Library “German Legal” to practice my vocabulary to prepare for my next court case (I’m an interpreter). I had set up a Smart Collection for the words I need to practice. It includes a Check Box field entitled “needs practice.” As long as this box is checked the words remain in the Smart Collection. Today, when I tried to un-check the box, Bento 3 crashed! Luckily, my database file stayed intact (it seems) when I re-started Bento, but the same thing happened again! So now I can’t use this set-up for practicing anymore!
Bento 3 is not able to adjust that Smart Collection. Big bummer!

Summary – the crash trigger:
trying to remove a record from a Smart Collection by un-checking a Check Box field. This had worked perfectly in Bento 2.

Update (12/09): this bug was specifically addressed in the Bento 3.0 v2 upgrade and has really been fixed! Thanks Ryan.