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Meet Bento 4 For iPad!

They might address some of your concerns as well.

I don’t have an iPad (yet), but I am excited about the new version coming out today. It looks beautiful (I wish the desktop version would look that nice) and offers a lot of new useful additions/improvements.
Bento 4 for iPad: Price is $4.99 until July 31, 2012, $9.99 thereafter. Bento 4 for desktop is also on special until July, 31, for $29.99, $49.99 thereafter.
If you’re using Bento 4 (desktop), you should also get the free 4.1.1 update; it assures compatibility with the new iPad version.

I can’t give you an honest review, since I can’t test it at this time, but here is a summary of all the new features:

Bento 4 for iPad

Overview of new features

For about two months now the Filemaker tech-support people have ignored the Bento forums. They have totally disappeared. I know that they’re busy with helping Filemaker Pro users right now, but that’s no excuse for the silent-treatment. It would take one minute to post a message like “we’re busy with other assignments and can’t help with Bento for the time-being.”

These Filemaker employees have been invaluable with their patience and expertise. They were also the link to the Bento development team, and they had extensive testing facilities at their disposal. They’ll be sorely missed. RIP, TSGal.

What does this mean for the future of Bento?
It could imply that it’s all over.
No Bento 5, ever. Maybe Filemaker, Inc. got trapped by all the user requests and their policy not to make Bento rival Filemaker Pro, ever: to make sure the gap stays wide open. Too bad. Especially since the Bento team has never gotten around to add the most basic features, like font styling.

Bento will not rest in peace with this user. I’m still using it regularly, and this site will support it as long as we have a server at our disposal.

A minor update for Bento 4 (4.0.7) has been released. Unfortunately, as always, very little information about it was made public:

Provides bug fixes and compatibility updates related to importing Bento data into FileMaker Pro.

Which bug fixes? Details please?
Like in the past, Filemaker, Inc. is not very talkative. Sigh.

Urgent recommendations to all Bento users who are not in the habit of doing so:
Check the Bento Forums regularly (link on the sidebar) for any known issues, look at recent user posts, and report all technical issues there as well.
These forums are moderated by Filemaker employees who have extensive testing facilites and personnel and are not afraid to use them. We don’t have any resources like that at BentoUsers.

Let me repeat the most recent issue:
Before you migrate from Mobile Me to iCloud or otherwise turn on on iCloud,
do this:
Make sure you have Bento 4.06
Launch it.
Quit Bento.

After that, you should be ready to surf the new Clouds.

Since Mobile Me will be available until June 30, 2012, I personally am not in a hurry to get OSX Lion and iCloud. But since there are very few issues which have been reported in the Bento forums, I have to assume that Bento is generally ready for the transition. That doesn’t mean that the problems reported here on BentoUsers are not real. But they are not the norm, but rather horrible bad luck.
Still, let’s all keep our eyes and ears open…

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